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Easy Sustainable Practices For Small Businesses In Taiwan

16 April, 2024
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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses in Taiwan have been forced to change the way they operate. Many companies have quickly adjusted their operational processes or adopted new technologies to keep up with sustainability standards while ensuring profitability for their shareholders. 


With sustainability becoming a top priority for many businesses in recent years, many businesses have to consider the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors that can impact their business. This is attributed to consumers’ inclination toward purchasing products from brands committed to using natural resources. 

While enterprise businesses can take climate action by setting net-zero targets and calculating their carbon emissions, these are still goals that could seem a little too big for small businesses. However, if you are a small business owner, you can still do your part to incorporate sustainability and climate action into your own work culture. Read below for some ideas you can adopt:

Tips For Sustainable Business Practices

1. Look For Opportunities To Reduce Electricity

Reducing the electricity needed to heat and cool your workspaces is a good start to tread more lightly on the planet. On the weekends, you can also reduce electricity consumption by turning off the power source for monitors or other electronic devices that are on standby mode. Take it a step further and make this a daily practice at the office and in your remote workspace or work-from-home setup.

2. Reduce Single-Use Items In The Workplace

From deforestation to excessive water use, did you know that paper-based single-use items have a detrimental impact on the environment? The office pantry or kitchen is always a good place to start when it comes to reducing single-use items like utensils, cups, plates, and more. You can encourage your team members to bring their mugs or utensils to reduce waste. At the same time, this also reduces the electricity and water consumption needed to clean these reusable items.

3. Reduce Emissions Through Commute

A 2020 study has shown that transportation and commute represent 25% of the world’s carbon emissions. Reducing and streamlining your own and your employees’ commutes can be an effective way of lowering your business’ carbon footprint. 


For example, you can offer flexible work-from-home days or remote working schedules. On the days they have to go into the office, you can encourage them to walk or take public transportation.

Top Benefits of Sustainable Business Practices

Besides doing good for the environment, adopting sustainable business practices can also bring about other tangible and immediate benefits:

1. Reduced Costs

Practising sustainable business practices can help your business save money in different ways. For instance, implementing energy-efficient measures can significantly reduce your company’s energy bills.

2. Increased Profits

As mentioned above, consumers are becoming more conscious of the products and services they purchase. Implementing sustainable business practices can help a brand improve its public image, in turn, leading to increased sales, profits, as well as market shares. Coupled with the lower overhead costs, your company may begin to see an increase in profits. Furthermore, adopting sustainable practices also helps your brand improve its reputation with stakeholders in the community.

3. Greater Employee Satisfaction

Aside from profits, sustainable small business employees are happier and more motivated to work. This leads to a more productive workforce while at the same time lowering employee turnover rates. Sustainable businesses tend to provide healthier work environments with natural lighting, a fully stocked pantry, and ergonomic furniture. All of these things can help reduce stress and improve overall employee morale.

JustCo Taiwan Supports Environmental Sustainability

In conclusion, small businesses concerned about their environmental impact often make better business decisions to help save the company money and increase profits. 


Offering shared office spaces with natural lighting, good ventilation, and a suite of coworking space 

services, JustCo Taiwan helps boost productivity and your employees’ morale – all whilst keeping your business aligned with its sustainability goals. 


If your business is in the market for office space, choosing a location close to public transportation is a guaranteed winning strategy. With three shared office spaces in Taipei and one coworking space in Hsinchu, JustCo Taiwan is conveniently located in Taipei’s bustling central business districts and the premier office areas of Zhongshan and Songshan districts. This makes commuting to and fro the office easier as your employees do not have to travel long distances, reducing your business’ carbon footprint. 

Book a tour at any of our shared office locations to find out how we can take you a step closer to your sustainability goals.

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