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How Shared Office Spaces Can Support Taiwan’s Remote Tech Talents

16 April, 2024
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For the longest time, Taiwan’s tech talent pool has been flying under the radar. However, with emerging hubs and highly educated workers, the country has firmly positioned itself as the new destination for companies hiring internationally. 


Read on as we share some of the main reasons why you should consider hiring your next remote tech team member from Taiwan and the benefits of shared office spaces.

Why Hire Remote Talent In Taiwan

For many tech companies worldwide, Taiwan offers an up-and-coming talent pool that even Google and Microsoft already began investing in a few years ago. In 2013, the United States tech giant, Google, opened a data centre on the island and welcomed more than 2,000 engineers in Taiwan five years later as part of its acquisition of the HTC smartphone design division. The same year, Google announced plans to hire more tech talents in Taiwan. Furthermore, Google and other tech giants keep coming back to Taiwan because it offers businesses a relatively low-cost but highly educated space for research and development in Asia.

Highly Educated Candidates

Taiwan offers a highly-educated, tech-minded pool of talents with over 10,000 computer science and IT graduates annually. To meet the rising demands of the tech industry, each Taiwanese university is given a quota to churn out approximately 100 master’s and PhD students annually. Furthermore, the Ministry of Science and Technology will fund institutions targeting sectors such as information and digital technology, renewable energy, cybersecurity, and more.

Linguistic Advantages

While English may not be the main linguistic asset Taiwanese tech talents have to offer – that would be Mandarin. With over 10% of the world population speaking Mandarin, Taiwan’s official language provides global businesses looking to expand the upper hand. 


But the country has not forgotten about the English Language either. Even though Taiwan may not boast the levels of English fluency and proficiency found in areas like Singapore or Hong Kong, but the local government has implemented a Billingual Nation 2030 policy with the aim of significantly improving proficiency and boosting the competitiveness of the younger generation in Taiwan.

Emerging Tech Hubs In Taiwan

Having a strong reputation for technological innovation, it is no surprise that Taiwan has become a popular hub for large tech companies worldwide. The growing tech scene in Taiwan is also leading the way for other international businesses and startups to create attractive job opportunities for local talents to learn and grow. 


And coexisting with Taiwan’s progressive and dynamic workforce are shared office spaces designed to drive productivity. 

What Is A Coworking Space?

Coupled with technological advancements and the modernisation of the corporate world, remote and flexible working is becoming more common. Coworking spaces are not just limited to entrepreneurs or freelancers. Instead, they have become a thriving ecosystem involving remote enterprise teams, established companies in private offices, budding tech startups in brainstorming areas, and many more. 


Here, we look at the benefits of coworking spaces and their facilities:

1. Remote Access

With coworking spaces like JustCo dotting cities worldwide, the freedom and flexibility to plug in at any time and location proves to be a significant draw for many coworking professionals. Plus, employers worldwide can choose to hire the best talent, regardless of location, without forking out relocation costs or fearing the disconnection their remote employees may feel. All of these are what make hiring Taiwanese remote tech talents attractive.

2. Brings Structure To Your Employees’ Work Day

For most, remote working could mean spending the day at home alone as they get through the day. This results in minimal structure and can have your employees working long past the time they should have clocked off. Coworking spaces provide remote workers with the structure to their day – a place to arrive every morning and leave once the work day is done. In turn, this can help prevent the unbidden creep of work life into their personal time and keeps their mental health in check. 

3. Enhanced Productivity

Typically, coworking spaces blend a range of work environments to cater to different work styles. Coworking spaces are optimised for productivity by offering more variety than your traditional office whilst providing better structure compared with work-from-home setups. You and your team may find progress coming easily within intentionally designed spaces, while a fully-stocked pantry, background music, natural light, and moderated air temperatures help keep you energised. 

Find A Shared Office Space To Meet Your Business Needs

Not all three coworking advantages listed above may apply to you personally. But, no matter your business needs, flexibility is at the heart of coworking spaces – you can always personalise the experience to fit your team. 


Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for investors or a tech giant looking for remote talents in Taiwan to join your ever-growing team, there is no doubt that coworking spaces are incubators for fresh opportunities. JustCo Taiwan’s vibrant shared offices help increase employees’ productivity whilst helping your business foster new connections. With four shared offices across Hsinchu and Taipei in Taiwan, JustCo Taiwan provides many businesses and remote workers with the flexibility to scale operations as you see fit. 

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